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One Voice Children offers One Voice International, an opportunity for children around the globe connect, learn and create together. Subscribe to our email list to be notified when registration launches. 

One Voice International offers the opportunity for members around the world to participate with One Voice Children's Choir on a music project. One Voice International members will gain access to lyrics and a practice track for a specific vocal part along with instructions of how to record and submit a video recording. Videos will be gathered from participants around the world and edited into a final music video. Participants need to be between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. Participation numbers are limited.

We’re excited to have you join us in One Voice International 2023! 


Step 1: Kids Inside Singing Competition (July 1 to July 30, 2023)

Submit a video singing performance of 30-60 seconds of "Kids Inside" by One Voice Children's' Choir. Use this backing track, or feel free to sing any 30-60 second part of the song a cappella. We look forward to hearing your own style on the song!

Step 2: Learn One Voice International 2023 Song (song link and instructions emailed after completing Step 1)

Step 3: Submit audio and video recordings to be compiled and used in the One Voice International 2023 song and music video. Instructions and links for step three are provided in the email after completing Step 1. Audio and video submissions are accepted through August 15, 2023.



  1. Upload video of your solo performance of “Kids Inside”. 

  2. Singers must be 18 years of age or younger to participate.

  3. Only true raw audio and video production is allowed. No editing, mixing or digital manipulation allowed.

  4. Phone audio/video is sufficient. Professional equipment is not needed.

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